Multi pack with 2 of each grit. Comes w/ 2 medium 120-150 grit, 2 fine 220-240 grit, 2 very fine 280-380 grit, & 2 super fine 500 -600 grit.


The Standard Block fits easily into the palm of your hand and is ideal for sanding a variety of surfaces. Due to its shape, construction and controlled flexibility, the standard block is great for flat surfaces and hard to reach corner areas. 4 sided hand block


Eco-friendly brown A/O (Aluminum Oxide) soft hand pad features an innovative adhesive that allows it to stay sharper and last longer than any other pad in the market. This pad resists loading and outperforms any ‘traditional’ hand pads.


SurfPrep’s Non-woven abrasives are saturated with the highest quality grains. These hand pads have a very high mineral content and maintain the flexibility to sand almost any surface desired. When using these non-woven pads, there is always a consistent cutting action that requires little pressure.